Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Politics of Agitation

Qadri and Imran both have no stakes in Pakistan. Their families are living abroad. Imran is father of two sons and one allegedly daughter from Sitawhite. His family is living in UK. He was doing great social work and providing great help in health care for Pakistanis. He was really contributing to the nation who gave him love and honor and consider him as hero. Other people like Ibrar a singer also followed his path and established NGO and started working health care services. Then suddenly he decided to jump into politics. Now, see what he is doing, Agitation is the type of politics he adopted. Instead of concentrating on KPK and showing his abilities he came to Islamabad and declared war against Federal Govt. of PML-N. He started with shining demands of political reforms but when govt accepted his demands, he changed his stance and stuck with his demand for PM's resignation. Many innocent families lost their loved ones and millions of rupees are lost due to his stupid demand of resignation. All political parties requested him to postpone Dharna and come to parliament. Govt was willing to surrender for his genuine demands but he was looking for prime minister's seat only. Someone fooled him by saying that go to Dharna and you will become prime minister. After all, his Dharna speeches are about becoming prime minister.

They are not Inqalabis rather they are imposed on Pakistani Qaum as a punishment. Because we all voted for democracy. We love democracy but there are people who want us to be slaves of dictators. Dont you see lovers and supporters of dictators around these two inqalabi leaders. They are the real culprits behind all his chaos. Anyways, after all this stupid exercise, I hope we will come up again, rise and shine in our given resources. We will not burn our resources instead we will refine them and use them for our betterment. Political parties are our great resources. We earned these with more than 67 years of struggle. There is always room for correction. Our political parties showed maturity and proved their eligibility to become our representative. Our Inqalabis must realize that they can not create scene like tahrir square because they are on the wrong side of the road. They are not struggling for democracy, rather they are fighting against democracy. Their struggle once again divided the nation to think about dictatorship. I remember faces who were saying on TV screens that dictators are better than this democracy. Some Inqlabi writers like Hassan Nisar look very desperate while supporting Imran Qadri. Some times they showed that how pious and great man Mr. Qadri is and how dedicated his followers are. But some other times he never hesitated by saying that Imran is the right choice for real Prime Minister other wise dictatorship is much better than democracy. He was not actually supporting any one Imran or Qadri. He was just against Nawaz govt. and his lone purpose to support both was to derail the democracy in the country.

Corruption has been key word in these days. Everybody is talking about corruption and corrupt practices of our politicians. Its really bad to have corrupt people in any field. If leaders in any institute are indulge in corrupt practices then the whole depart can become dirty. Politics is one of other fields of life where corruption have been on the scene for many years. There is corruption in other fields but media don't pay attention to those areas. Politicians are soft target to everyone. Politicians themselves propagate against each other while the media play vital role to create hype on hypothetical blames. Every time when we start to have democratic system in place, there are rumors all around about the corrupt system and corruption of political class. Don't we have corrupt people in other walks of life?

There is a lot of corruption in education system? Is there any genius who demanded to destroy schools because education system is corrupt? Yes, I remember there is a segment of life who genuinely did so.... Taliban did so... they thought education system is corrupt so lets bomb all the schools. Imran's logic is not different to those people. His philosophy is that because political system in the country is corrupt so lets bomb this system. He and his "cousin" Qadri is trying to do so.... But I am sure these two and their masters will ultimately fail in their mission.

We will prosper in this existing system. We will gradually fix all the problems of our political and judicial system. Gradual evolution is the only solution to our problems. We don't need any revolutions. Revolutions bring chaos and spread anarchy. Where, there is no respect for law and order, only one law rules there which is Jungle's law. Innocent people get killed and poor become poorer and rich become richer. But if we keep on working for betterment of our existing system, as all developed nations did so and succeeded, we will also improve our system. Keep on believing in democratic system and working hard to improve the processes involve is the only way to prosper as a nation.

My humble request to Mr. Imran Khan is that Dear sir, please go home and prepare for next parliament session. Show your intelligence there and come up with new ideas. Pursue people to understand and share your vision. Inculcate your philosophy there because change will start from within. Concentrate on KPK. Prove your abilities in the province and bring change into this poor province. Establish power plants, new schools for every one. Ask your Ministers to admit their children in the Govt. school to prove that you have brought some change in education system. Polio virus is becoming another great embarrassment for Pakistan. World is holding Pakistan responsible for not eradicating this disease. KPK is once again on top in Polio cases.  Generate new sources of income for the people of KPK. Set target for your ministers to deliver in their respective ministries.....

These are few example for Imran Khan. He has very very important things to do and perform rather than just Agitate. But we all know to deliver all these things one must have dedication cause and commitment with his people. Imran khan as he is a short tempered person he can not wait for long time to work hard and perform. His advisers are the worst of political arena. Imran is surrounded by lovers of dictators. He feels while they are with me they are angels and those who are not with me they are devil. Imran is following delusional version of some political philosophy. He practices modern patterns of life as he showed in his Tharna processions but claims that he is close to Jamat-e-Islami in political idealogy. Its very confusing, Isn't it?

Someone in the election campaign said that "Political power is like a Batch box. If some gets this power but don't know how to use it, he can burn the jungle including his own tail.". Imran Khan has no working experience of  any public portfolio. He never been in power and if suddenly he gets power and God forbid he becomes a Prime minister of Pakistan, he will use power as match box to fire up every thing. What ever power he has now he is not using it for betterment of Pakistanis. Rather he is just crying for PM resignation.

"Bandaar kay hath main kisi nay machis di to uss nay jangle jalanay dala  ;)"

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