Friday, July 4, 2014

Two sides of same coin : 5th July for Jihad, 12 October for Terrorism

I was as free as butterfly. Flying around the garden of life. I was creative and open to new things. My creative features like poetry, story writing, Dramas, Movies, Singing and other creative arts were on the rise. I was learning from my mistakes and rising as new energetic and innovative star. But unfortunately, this period of growth and happiness did not last very long. My security forces conquered me on 5th July,1977.

General Zia ul Haq led the forces to cast shadows of Ziaism upon us. All liberal forces were muted. New path for our nation was outlined. Instead of creativity and enlightenment, we were bound to follow the limited edition of Zia-ul-Haq's version of Islam. General Zia took charge by saying that he will hold elections and go back to his professional duties. But this was just the opening point for his 11 years of Islamic rule. In alliance with Mullah, Zia's Islamic state started to emerge. Dopatta was imposed on TV for lady news casters. Namaz was ordered in Govt. offices. Educational institutes started student's attendance for namaz in mosques. Under the Zina ordinance, Zia-ul-Haq put more than 15,000 rape victims in jail because they could not comply with the Islamic condition requiring them to have numerous male witnesses of their victimization. They were charged with fornication and their rapists were let go free. A ban was imposed on Strikes and union activities. Labor Strikers and trade union activists were punished with many years of imprison and whipping.

General Zia's "advice" to the deprived was that "It is not for the employers to provide roti (bread), kapda (clothes) aur (and)makaan (homes) (referring to a well-known PPP slogan used by Bhutto). It was for God Almighty who is the provider of livelihood to his people. Trust in God and He will bestow upon you an abundance of good things in life." wikipedia

President Ronald Reagan and Bill Clark meeting with President Zia-ul-Haq, 1982. Source: wikipedia
He cleverly put forth American agenda and provided Islamic cover to it. Pakistani nation followed the agenda and gradually turned into conservative Jihadi society. Jihadi organizations were allowed to propagate their views and recruit new members. Mullah who were earlier weakest members of the society now they were moving around with gun men on their sides. They had big vehicles like Pajeros to ride on. All this inspired the youngsters to join these organizations. Zia ul Haq used these nurseries in Afghan war. Jihadis were supported and trained by Zia and his fellows. They were trained to kill Russians forces and their aim was to push back Russians to their country. Jihadis did the same but then suddenly they were left alone in the baron lands of Afghanistan. Inflow of American dollars was stopped. After 9/11 scene changed. New script for our nation was provided to our power hungry people.
On 12 October, Army officers and soldiers were sent to arrest Prime Minister of Pakistan who was elected by the votes of Pakistani Awam. Pervez Musharraf was leading the commando action. This time, Army Leader had different agenda for this directionless nation. Now we were ordered to march towards the liberalization. Last time we were Islamic nation and wanted to impose Islamic sharia in our country but this time we were fighting against those who were trying to install the same system. Last time they were Jihadis and we loved them but this time that same group was terrorist and we hate them. We loved them when they were jihadis and were killing others but now they are terrorists because they are killing us.....

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