Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Planning a student centric learning session

Critical factors of Three way relationship of Teacher, Curriculum and Students

Children learn from everything they found in their surroundings. Rich environment at home and in the school can enhance childs learning eperiences. When its comes to the school it becomes teacher's primary responsiblity to create rich learning environment and device practicle activities. Teacher, Curriculum and Studnet makes Trilogy of learning. Teachers as being facilitators or being guides they must plan to learning activities to fullfil the aims and objects provided by the curriculum outlines.

Teacher must must understand the three ways relationship of Teacher, Curriculum and Students. Before planning learning session teachers may consider following factors:

Curriculum is main source of learning through which teacher can get the idea about learning targets. Teacher must understand and interpret the curriculum in full length. If teacher is not full aware of aims and guildlines provided by curriculum then learning process can not meet its required objectives.

Teacher's approach to devices learning activities must be student centeric rather than teacher centeric. Teacher may understand the student's individuality. Every student is different from others. Generalized assupmtions about learning and students may not work. 

Before planning learning session, teacher may also keep in mind that students from different socio-economic backgrounds have different levels of understanding and experiences. Learning activities must cop with the students who are little slow or can not understand the learning examples. Like if you talk about drill experience at dentist clinic, some students might have never visited the dentists so they can not understand the drill experience you are talking about.

As far as the learning capacity is concerned, students in the class are usually not at the same level. Some students are very bright while on the other hand some studnets have difficulties on the same learning pracitices. Teacher must consider the differnce of learning capacity in the students and plan learning activities keeping the slow students in mind as well. Planning of learning activies must cator all types of learning capacities of students.


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