Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Impacts of curriculum in teaching and planning

Learning process depends on the knowledge,vision and understanding of a teacher. Learners can only go as high as teachers can go. Curriculum is the guide line provided by the authorities. The authorities can be Government Ministry, Education department, Curriculum Development Center, or School Curriculum board or committee. Authorities provide documented guidelines for teacher so that teachers can easily move forward and plan their learning activities.

According to John Kerr curriculum is:
"All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the school." (John Kerr)
There are three types of curriculum which must be taken into account by the teachers before planning and teaching.
Following are the different types of curriculum:
1. Formal Curriculum
2. Informal Curriculum
3. Hidden Curriculum

Formal Curriculum:
Formal curriculum is the document or set of documents provided by the authorities. This documented set of guidelines is provided to teacher. Teachers are bound to plan their learning activities according to the written curriculum. Learning according to the formal curriculum takes place in the classroom. Different subjects are covered in the classroom's academic activities. Teachers must understand formal curriculum very deeply and thoroughly and then they may plan classroom based learning activities to achieve the targets defined in formal curriculum.

Informal Curriculum:
Informal curriculum is an extention of formal curriculum. Formal curriculum takes place mostly in classrooms but informal curriculum takes place in mostly out side the classroom. Informal curriculum activities include the students participation in Sports, Debates, Theaters, Games, Dramas etc.
In these activites students learn many social skills. They learn leadership qualities, working in and with team, Problem solving, conflict resolusion and critical thinking skills. Teachers must also be involve in these activities and may plan informal curriculum activities on the bases of their understanding of the core of curriculum.

Hidden Curriculum:
In my view point hidden curriculum is the most powerful aspect of the learning environment. In most schools this hidden curriculum is never taken into account. Mostly teachers are not aware of this kind of curriculum. Hidden curriculum is all around the school. Its not visible as any learning activity. Hidden curriculum is nothing but behaviour of teachers with students and with each other. Its the philosophy of the school on which school is beeing managed. When we talk to students about discipline and teach them how to bring discipline in their life, we must show discipline in our life as well because students are observing us every time we are in front of them. Our character is copied by the students and all this influence occored because hidden curriculum is in work. We as a teacher must consider this factor of curriculum very consiously and may plan our life as teacher keeping in mind that every bit of our word and very movement of our body is part of learning scheme.

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