Sunday, April 20, 2014

Attack on Hamid Mir : Lets Demand Justice

Attack on Hamid Mir is really very tragic incidence. This is a planned attack by well informed terrorist. We all condemn this act of cowardliness. Everyone is praying for long life of my brave friend. Doctors are saying that he is now in a stable condition and he underwent a successful operation and now he is recovering. I pray for his long life and fast recovery of his health. 

Hamid Mir's family is pointing fingers to one of our security agency. They are not the first one who are pointing their fingers on the agency. Some earlier incidences also demanded investigations in the same direction but unfortunately no one cared about those voices. I feel that this is the right time to probe into this matter more deeply and once and for all, we should find out the facts that if there is any reality in these types of allegations. 

When we talk about the agencies, we should keep in mind that they are fighting against many hidden and known enemies of our country. Mostly their profession demand silence in the line of their duty. They can not express their point of view as bluntly as any other person can do. Politicians, Journalist, Lawyers etc. all can defend themselves. They can come on media and speak freely in their defence or against their opponents. But this is not the case when we talk about agencies. They can not appear on media to argue with everyone. 

I request my friends in media that we must keep in mind that sometimes things are not as simple as they are presented. Lets not picture our guards as criminals. Ask for investigation and ask for justice, this is our right but please lets not raise doubts on our security agencies. They are our defence line against our external as well as internal enemies. Lest not forget that whenever we can not control situations at our own, we ask for their help. Immediately they respond to our calls, They come for help and control situations. They act upon our needs and put their lives on risk in order to project our lives. We all love them and respect their services rendered to nation. Doesn't this love and respect demands a careful reactions? We should not raise questions of their integrity. Discussions on TV channels and continuously using the names of our security agencies is not going to serve any good. Rather this will fuel the media partners of our enemies. They will make the case against our agencies in the international media. This campaign will serve to our enemies. If we look deeper, we are demoralizing our defence line. My request to all very senior journalists is that Lets not blame anyone. As Kamran Khan said in capital talk last night that We should not jump to conclusions. Lets ask for investigations and demand for Justice.....

I request my "rulers in civil corridors" and "rulers in arm quarters" that they may take some serious actions in order to catch the culprits. If this condition of uncertainty will persist then situation of chaos will prevail in the country. Which in result will raise new questions on the legitimacy of all the institutes of our country. People of Pakistan are becoming psychos. Great people never avoid realities they face those and then take bold and brave steps to resolve the issues.

In the end I would like to pay my love and respects to Hamid Mir. I once again condemn this attack. I sure that Hamir Mir will soon be on his seat in his most popular program "Capital Talk". Insha Allah.

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