Saturday, February 1, 2014

کورٹ تھنکنگ کورس - وسعت نظر (آلات سوچ)

مندرجہ ذیل آلات سوچ کی مدد سے طلباء کی ذھنی اور تخلیقی صلاحیتوں کی تربیت کی جاتی ہے. ان آلات سوچ کو ایک ایک کر کے مختلف عملی مشقوں کے ذریعے سے ذھن نشین کروایا جاتا ہے. اس طرح یہ آلات طلبا کی روزانہ کی زندگی کا حصہ بن کر ان کے فیصلے کرنے کی صلاحیت میں اضافہ کرتے ھیں.

Tools for CORT1-Breadth

P.M.I (Plus, Minus & Interesting Points)
Deliberate examination of an idea for good, bad or interesting points, instead of immediate acceptance or rejection.

C.A.F ( Consider All Factors)
Looking as widely as possible at all the factors involved in a situation, instead of only the immediate ones.

The basic purpose and principles involved, drawing together the first two lessons.

C&S (Consiquences)
Consideration of the immediate, short, medium and long term consequences.

A.G.O (Aims, Goals & Objectives)
Picking out and defining objectives. Being clear about one's own aims and understanding those of others.

The basic features and processes involved, drawing together the previous two lessons.

F.I.P (First Important Points)
Choosing from a number of different possibilities and alternatives. Putting priorities in order.

A.P.C (Alternative Possibilities and Choices)
Generating new alternatives and choices, instead of feeling confined to the obvious ones.

The different operations involved, drawing together most of the previous lessons.

O.P.V (Other People's View point)
Moving out of one's own viewpoint to consider the points of view of all others involved in any situation.

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