Friday, October 20, 2017

How to Setup your business online - Step by Step

If you are doing a local business and you have products and services which can be sold to remote markets where you are not able to reach then you must consider following advice. Internet is making difference in many lives around the world. Its reaching far remote areas now. Smart phone technology enabled every one on the surface of the earth to reach out to internet. Using internet you can approach the world the way it has never been possible in the past. If you have a retail and wholesale business and want to progress in your business then you must consider the suggestions we are going to advice you in the following lines.

Your business can grow only if you reach more and more customers. Your message should reach them loud and clear and then may understand you fully so that they can trust on you and your products. We use many ways to reach our customers. We use Billboards, printed material, Newspaper ads, TV ads and what not to reach them.

All of those marketing efforts are tiresome and difficult to reach out to our potential customers. On the other hand we have websites which are 25/7 available as our showroom where we display our products. We introduce our company products and services in a very attractive and dynamic way that catch their interest. Here we can provide extended information of our company, our team, our quality assurance procedures and what not. We can provide company history our mission and future vision. When your business is present online everything is possible. Your website site can take orders while your are sleeping and next day you just have to login and prepare list to send required products to your online customers.

Steps to Go Online:
Congratulations, If you have decided to go online. Following are few steps to bring your local business to the international world.

First of all you have to register you domain name. Domain is the reserved name for your business. It must be unique and related to your business and business name. You can register your domain name from a domain registrar's website and your local hosting provider. Domains can be of different types e.g.  .com, .net, .org etc. You can purchase regional domain names as well like .uk for U.K busineses, .nl for Netherland and .pk for Pakistani businesses. Decision is all yours.

After you reserve your domain name ( now you should consult with some website developers who can understand your business needs and can deliver you best website design according to your business needs. Before you start your website designing you must ask few questions from your website designers like: What type of website they will design for your? Will it be a Dynamic website? How the products will be organized on the website? and what will be the process to complete the sales cycle?

After designing or even during the design phase you need to purchase hosting account from a hosting company which will provide you online space on their server to place your website files there and then point your domain name the same hosting location. This way your website files will be accessible to web surfers.

Your whole website projects depends on hosting service because your domain will work only when hosting server is serving your website pages timely to web surfers. It must be a quality hosting services provider because all your efforts now depend on the hosting service provider. There are many hosting services for common people but if you are concern about your business then you must find our best hosting for business only. In my experience MI Solutions provide best hosting packages for businesses.

After hosting account is purchased your website developer will upload and test your newly developed website. after test run it will go live and your business is ready to serve remote markets. Now you can attract international clients.

Your website is up and running now so this definitely is an optional step but still its very important to understand why you should go for this service.
People will find you through your website address but how you are going to inform your international potential clients that in some part of the world you are providing the same products and services which are being searched online. Search engines like only brings the best websites (according to their system) on first page of the search result. Rest will follow and very few people click to go for next pages. So appearing the first page or even appearing as first entry in the search is very important to attract traffic for your website.

SEO is a service which enables your potential  customers to find you when they are searching for the products and services online. SEO services gives your website a good rating in search engines. It takes time but once it is done, your site starts to appear on first page.

Wish you good luck for your business

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